Galileo Software

Galileo Software

The evolution of Internet has made travel comfortable and attractive. This is the reason for the increase in the competition within the travel industry. It is imperative to offer exceptional services to continue within the industry. You can do this using a Global Distribution System (GDS) which allows your business to outshine the competition while maintaining a steady growth.

If you are an upcoming travel agency and are looking for a reliable platform to begin with or move your business to the next level, Galileo GDS API integration can be an excellent option for you. Travel4Softech offers to integrate the Galileo software, a classic global reservation, which you can use for business management as well.

What is Galileo?

Galileo GDS is a productivity system that can book airline and train tickets, hotel rooms and cruises and rent car services. It acts as a virtual gateway to options, accurate pricing, and an extremely efficient booking tool.

With the Galileo GDS API integration, you can connect to customers and other service providers through numerous channels. It works for you and your customers by reducing expenses and helps you gain profit.

Why Choose the Galileo Software?

Galileo’s API integration is effective in transacting airline data management and data intelligence solutions for global air services. It has other contributions like:

  • E-ticket system.
  • Passenger management.
  • Facilitates online shopping.
  • Bookings and reservations.
  • Business management system.

You can customize it to suit your business requirements. Here are the benefits Galileo GDS API integration offers:

  • Online travel agent software with B2B, B2C, B2B2C, and a corporate module.
  • Flight booking system.
  • Hotel reservation system.
  • Car and bus booking system.
  • Cruise reservation system.
How can Travel4Softech help?

Travel4Softech is a leading travel technology development company. We can integrate the Galileo software to provide an unsurpassed travel software to your travel management company. Our developers will integrate the Galileo GDS to access the inventory for everything travel-related like airline flights, hotels, car, and cruise. This is possible due to the internet services by Galileo.

Travel4Softech will integrate Galileo API which will enable you to reach maximum number of travelers and business partners. The integration will increase your business revenue, improve operational efficiency and boost business productivity. It will reduce your operating cost, help you grow and capture new market opportunity in real-time.

The Galileo API integration allows you access to high-speed providers, low-cost or economical global carriers in conjunction with input from multiple sources using a single API. Today, the Galileo software plays a vital role in the online reservation system. This system offers XML services and desktop solutions, linked to the primary database.

When we develop your travel portal, it will offer seamless online booking and an online travel management tool with Galileo Software integration. The portal will pool-in real-time information. This will provide ‘live availability’ information for flights and fares of all airlines, including, low-cost carriers in the domestic and international market, hotels, and car hire.

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