• Understanding the term ‘B2C’

B2C simply means any service that moves directly from the business to the customer; without the involvement of any intermediary in the process. Hence, demands of the customers are directly met and there exists a direct communication between the business and its customers.B2C channel is important for the fact that it is relatively less time consuming and leads to a definitive feedback. When the business is able to directly contact the customers, the misunderstandings between the two are removed and faster work flow takes place.

Also, the business to customer (B2C) channel is beneficial because it removes the extra obligation of an intermediary and saves cost for both; the customer as well as the portal developer. With consumerism gaining more importance, B2C is widely accepted and appreciated by the service providers.

  • Understanding B2C travel portals

B2C travel portals operate in real time to cater services like airline bookings, railway bookings, hotel reservations, airline status, railways running status etc. Also, these services aren’t outsourced to a business but are directly made available for the public to operate. Travel portals operating in B2C environment have bloomed after the consumers choosing to receive services first handedly.

Travelling has become a widespread charm and therefore, more and more people are switching over to B2C portals for their travelling needs. No one wants to spend time and money in waiting for the perfect holiday package to knock on their doors. Therefore, people are taking the help of B2C portals, which enable them to sit at home and plan the whole vacation.B2C travel portals have gained even more importance because of the ease in accessibility that has come because of the existence of information and technology.

  • B2C travel portal development

B2C travel portal development is relatively a newer concept that has evolved with the onset of the revolution in the world of information and technology. It is centered on the concept of making travel easy for people by giving them an opportunity to be at home and still explore the world in a few clicks.

Development portals are made by skilled professionals after carefully analyzing the demands of the customers that are needed to be met. B2C travel portals are also called Internet booking engines or IBE and are capable of working in all sorts of environments. They work by integration of a global distribution system, popularly known as the GDS. Various GDS systems that can be used alternatively with B2C travel portals are Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport etc.

With the reliable system of integration that they work with, they are continuously used by more and more consumer networks. The need of the hour is the saving of time and money and they ensure both by being the quickest responsive methods of satisfying and serving the customers directly.

B2C travel portal development must be done by professionals that have requisite knowledge and experience in the field and therefore, one must choose B2C developers carefully.

A highly efficient B2C travel portal development must have the following features-

  • Real time updates of flight and railway information.
  • Instant hotel bookings.
  • Instantly working payment portals.
  • Operational ease of website for customers.
  • Efficiency of grievance redressal system.
  • Easy and effective coordination between the developers and customers.
  • Multi language support.
  • Multi currency acceptability.
  • Digital payment acceptance.
  • Variety of products offered.
  • Integration with various software systems.

B2C travel portal development is very important in order to gain advantage of the direct clientage and hence, B2C travel portal development needs to be in line with all the requisites and demands of the customers.