Travel portals are intricate and complex software structures that have been embedded with real time updates of various services like live updates on airlines, hotels and railways that may be useful for the end user. Travel portal can easily be made these days since several software making agencies along with the web developers offers services that are beneficial for those who want to sit at home and easily avail services.

Travel portals are B2C mostly but in some cases, they may exist to cater to the businesses, definitely leading to the provision of B2B services. These days the CRM software is increasingly been used to provide services like synchronized chats, mail services and back office services to the customers.

There are various components of a travel portal system, some of which are Payment gateway integration, Reservation system, Travel agent management, white label travel portal.

The concept of travelling, I’m sure, is known by everyone around the world but the concept of facilitators of this travelling is known to a few. Ever wondered how do you end up getting air tickets without having to wait or how do you find hotels that have rooms to accommodate you and your family? While many people opt for personal and direct contact with the service providers, others take the help of mediators who try and find a common ground of negotiations and deal breaking within the two parties; the customers and the service providers.

This brings us to two types of air portal services i.e. B2B or business to business where in services and software of one business are used by the other so as to cater the customers while the other kind of portals are B2C or business to customers travel portals that directly deal with the customer. B2B travel portals make use of a host agency. The agent makes use of the technology that a third party provides in order to facilitate results whereas B2C travel portals unswervingly engage the customers without getting mediated by any host agency.

With blooming response of internet users around the globe, the world has shrinked into a small place of well-connected people and businesses. Travel portals take advantage of the presence of internet and use other resources available online to attract tourists around the world.


Real time display of various actions that pertain to railways, airways and hotel bookings is displayed with everyone having access and opportunity to view the same.

Lesser time is taken to publish the results of actions performed i.e. your tickets are immediately processed and can be printed without having to wait for any confirmations with the use of a travel portal.

With the use of online travel portals, discriminatory booking practices have come to an end. People are behind the screens and cannot be discriminated from booking or purchasing the services that they want.

No time and resources has to be wasted on going to the agent for getting anything booked. Travel portals can be easily accessed from mobile, laptops, computers and tablets.

All the information is kept safely and securely and you don’t have to worry about missing any page of evidence. You can contact the agent running the travel portal in case of any such loss.

Travel portals make it easy for people to compare services and chose the best out of them.

Filters in searching allow you to see exactly what you want. Travel portals are easier to be used and aren’t complicated.

With people becoming busier in their lives, the time of vacations and the joy of travelling has become an important part of life for everyone. Travel portals ensure that customers get the joy of enjoying a perfectly planned vacation within the budgets that they planned.

Building a good travel portal is of paramount importance in this regard since people would ultimately prefer to take help from agents and agencies that are readily providing results and keeping a sense of personal touch with the customers.

The success of businesses these days is marked mostly by the kind of presence they have online and hence travel portals must work towards making themselves usable and informative for the customers. We are travel portal development company develop b2b/b2c travel portal with Third party API Integration.