With the advent of a revolutionary move in the arena of Information technology sector, more people are resorting to methods and means that are user friendly and are available easily in no time. The entire retail sector has already moved online and soon, you’ll see a whole new world of travel industry where in competitors would increase, well established travel markets would bloom everywhere on the internet and another revolution will hence be kick started.

Travel industry is gaining a lot of popularity lately and it’s the correct time to make full use of the comparatively lesser competition that exists right now. But before you start, there are a lot of things that you need to know. Starting a travel agency isn’t as easy as it sounds for it requires the correct knowledge and expertise. There are a few resources that tell you how to flourish and to your utter happiness, we are here with a blog that will teach you on how to establish a well connected travel portal which caters to the demands of all.

Let us begin!


In order to start with a travel portal, an individual needs to be well researched so as to be aware about the segment of the industry that he’d be catering in the long run. While some travel portals fix their eye on the hotel bookings, others are more diverse and cater packages that include everything.


A person who knows about his competitors is surely in the race to pace ahead of them. Not having any knowledge about the competitors might put you in disadvantage because others, you never know, might be offering better products and services than you!


An online business starts with having a good website that is interactive as well as informative. A lot of website developers are available in this regard. There shouldn’t be a lot of paragraphs written so that all the people visiting don’t get bored.


White label portals make use of a host agency in order to facilitate results in real time like status of flights, number of hotel rooms available etc. It depends upon the proprietor to decide whether he will opt for a help from one such white label portal or build one for his own self.

Using host agency to display results is likely to be less costly than making personal portals.


Once a good website with all the requisite resources has been made, the agent must indulge in some promotional work in order to facilitate effective marketing. Initial package discounts or some additional subsidies can be given to attract the consumers in the initial stages. In the long run, referral discounts can too be given.

Also, if the portal establishes itself successfully, application based on it can be developed to cater the masses. Applications are comparatively easier to access and are eventually setting the trends more than the websites are.

Building a white label portal is easy but managing it effectively is a task and hence regular improvements, in line with the technological advancements must be made.