api integration

Understanding B2C Travel Portal Development

Understanding the term ‘B2C’ B2C simply means any service that moves directly from the business to the customer; without the involvement of any intermediary in the process. Hence, demands of the customers are directly met and there exists a direct communication between the business and its customers.B2C channel is important for the fact that it is relatively less time consuming and leads to a definitive feedback. When the business is able to directly contact the customers, the misunderstandings between the…

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Which is the best online travel xml/api integration provider?

There are many travel api integration provider who can get you API access with affordable price. There are few points that should be taken care before selecting a service provider. Do they provide you competitive price of the tickets? Most of them will provide you API in less price but ticket price will be higher and eventually you will regret of your selection. Do they provide you support while you are integrating the travel api and proper documentation available? Personally,…

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